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Devodier - Tue, 05 Aug 2014

Devodier family has a long local tradition and has always been settled in this unique territory, capable of producing some of the best Italian food products.

They have always dedicated themselves to the selection of best meats; in fact they won some prizes connected to their activity already at the end of Eighteen century.

Then, in the middle of last century, Enrico Devodier, willing to begin the activity of ripening and curing ham, identified a particular location where it was said there was a tavern with a cellar in witch meats (during conservation and curing process) became the most delicious and fragrant of the zone.

This happened thanks to the magical meeting between the breeze that rises from the river to the hills and the various springs that flow down to the stream, just under the cellars, giving a constant humidity for the whole year and a unique atmosphere, perfect for Parma ham.

In this location Devodier decided to build his first cellar (large room dedicated to cure Parma ham) and quickly understood that there was something particular in those rooms.

Over the years there have been several expansions and modernizations, but the three old cellar dedicated to maturing products to the long aging have remained the same, and the passage in these rooms is carried on as usual and without any changes.
The changes to the plant have been made with regard to the environment; the roof of the factory was equipped with a photovoltaic system that limits emissions and allows to produce respecting environment.