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Melotti Rice

The Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Melotti is a family run company which has developed successfully thanks to the far-sighted choices of a man in love with his land and fortunate enough to share this passion with his family.

Since 1986, the Azienda Agricola Melotti has specialized in the production, processing and sale of Novello Vialone Nano, Carnaroli Rice and Vialone Nano Classico. This excellent rice, the qualities of which contribute to the global fame of Italian cuisine, is the pride of the Melotti family and is currently the only variety in Europe to have been awarded the sought after acknowledgement Indicazione Geografica Protteta (Protected Geographical Indication).

The processing technique leaves the grain dark and rough, maintaining its rich content of precious vitamins and protein. It is packaged without any preservatives.

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Description: Melotti Vialone Nano Veronese IGP Rice 1kg

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Description: Melotti Carnaroli Rice 1kg

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Description: Quinoa Red Organic Grain 500g

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Description: Fregola Sarda 500g

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Description: Quinoa Black Organic Grain 500g

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Description: Quinoa Organic Grain 500g

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Riseria Merlano

Riseria Merlano have been cultivating rice for more than fifty years, using traditional methods. A real passion, a tradition handed down from father to son, with respect for a rich and generous land. Every day the rice is stone husked, selected with patient care, packaged and checked with advanced methods that ensure high quality.

This rice is grown in the extreme northern area of Pianura Padana, called Baraggia. The mild climate, spring waters and clay soil rich in iron give the rice extraordinary cooking proof and striking capacity to absorb seasoning ingredients. The precise working phase is a guarantee for the excellent quality of this product that is always fresh and strictly controlled.

The Rosso rice acquires its name from the natural colour of its ruby red grains. It is a wholemeal rice rich in fibre, proteins and minerals and is nutritious and highly digestible. The meticulous working phase of the rice guarantees excellent quality. It is ideally served with fish and cheese, combined with vegetables, used as an alternative for rice salads or simply boiled and flavoured as desired.

Venere rice is an aromatic wholemeal variety with an ebony coloured grain. It is a crossbreed with Pandanian rice, that is rich in protein and minerals. Venere rice is a great compliment to fish and seafood. It is also ideal as an elegant variation of rice salads, as a side dish for cold meals or simply boiled and flavoured as desired.

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Description: Riseria Merlano Riso Rosso Intergrale 1kg

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Description: Riseria Merlano Riso San Andrea DOP (Arborio) 1kg

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Description: Riserial Merlano Riso Venere 1kg

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