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Oropan Breads

In 1965, Vito Forte started the production of Oropan’s famous breads in the township of Bari, Italy. Due to its popularity, another manufacturing plant was opened in Altamura in 1974, expanding in 1996, and is still active today. They are the leaders in the production of fine breads straight from the hot ovens, to the deep freeze and straight to the consumer.

The wheat used is of the finest Durum wheat, and rigorous testing is conducted. As the breads are frozen immediately, the goodness of protein and vitamins are locked in, so the breads are not only delicious, but also healthy to eat. The range includes crispy ciabattas and delicate panino.

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Description: Altamura Pane Ciabattini (Dinner Size) 80x50g

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Description: Altamura Pane Ciabatta 450g

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Returned 2 items.