About Us

Saporito;- adj - good-tasting; having a pleasing flavour; tasteful

With the surname Saporito it was meant to be that Pasquale (Pat) Saporito would somehow be involved within the food industry.

Pat's love for food began from a young age through helping his father pick home grown tomatoes, and the yearly ritual of making home made sausages and pasta sauces. This love of food then gave him the passion and determination to search for the finest ingredients to create the most authentic Italian flavours.

After years of gaining experience in the food industry, Pat branched out by himself creating Sapori International. Creating this new business enabled Pat to import the highest quality products, selected by him, replicating the rich Italian flavours that he experienced as a young boy. His philosophy was to share his passion and love for food with like minded people.

Today, Pat ensures that the highest quality Italian products are available to all chefs and restaurantuers, and is continually aiming to inspire the menus across Melbourne....

Our Staff

Pasquale Saporito - Owner & Director

Joanne Williams - International & Domestic Liaison, Ordering, Creditors & Administration

Nicoleta Enache - Debtors & Administration

Silvana Iacobaccio - Sales & Customer Liaison

Fred Pezzimenti - Operations Manager

Fedele De Luca - Logistics Manager

Charlie Zammit - Warehouse Manager

Agapito Liong - Driver & Storeman

Stephen Corrie - Driver & Storeman

Wayne Ives - Driver

Antonino Rizzo - Storeman

Pat, along with his staff at Sapori International, are constantly striving to provide their clients the best possible service.